Why was Inder.Net started and by whom?


As far as we can remember, it started when we heard a commercial, where internet was pronounced indernet. Many people here in Aalborg pronounced it indernet, as well. And since the domain was available....


At the time, 3 of us were working as student supporters at I-11, and the other two hung out a lot in the supporter office.

These people were the brains behind Inder.Net:


Chairman - Jess Lundager Andersen

Jess was the Windows support specialist, and demanded to be known as the chairman of inder.net


Gandhi - Troels Eklund Andersen

Troels did the Mac support, and selected Gandhi as his nick. He also wrote most of the funny things you might stumble on here at Inder.Net. Since Inder.Net, Troels has created the hilarious lukket.dk.

Mads Peter Bach

root - Mads Peter Bach

Mads was one of the hang-arounds, but even then he knew that root had the power, so he became root at inder.net

Nowadays, he works as a systems administrator and bosses the student supporters around.

Christina Biangslev

da_boot - Christina Biangslev

Christina was another hang-around, and she had a pair totally insane boots. So she called herself da_boot. She wasn't part of the Inder.Net for long, prefering to spend her time on more profitable things.

god - Christian Ravn Haslam

Christian was a bit blasphemous, and called himself "god". But when you're the inventer of power mugging, people tend to cut you a lot of slack.

What's happened since then?

Some of us have graduated, some of us still haven't.

Along the way Inder.Net turned into Mads' playground, so he's the one taking care of it today. Along the way, a bunch of Mads' friends got accounts on the servers as well.

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